CalDog Sponsors & Community Partners

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors were selected based on the pet organizations used by our over 500 registered users.They include local Pet Stores, Veterinary Hospitals, Pet Walkers, Pet Sitters, Day Care Provides, Obedience and Agility Trainers and Dog Groomers. A major benefit of being a CalDog Member is being able to take advantage of special offers, discounts and programs offered by our sponsors in the CalDog Direct Coupon Program.

How It Works!

  1. Select the CalDog Sponsor Logo to be taken to the Sponsor website to check out their products and services.
  2. Next Click on the Request Coupon icon next to the Sponsor’s logo. An email Coupon Request pop-up will appear.
  3. Complete the Coupon Request and specify what products or services you are interested in and request a coupon for a discount.
  4. The CalDog Sponsor will review your Coupon Request and send you an email with the requested information and any coupons or discounts that they offer to CalDog Members.
  5. Print out the CalDog Sponsor email to present for an in-store purchase and use any discount codes provided for web purchases.
  6. Have your CalDog Membership Card or ID handy in case the sponsor needs verify your identity.

Keep in mind that the Sponsors may require that you join their Customer Loyalty Program to earn more benefits in addition to those offered to CalDog Members.

If you have a sponsor organization that you would like to recommend to CalDog members, please send an email to