CalDog Community Partnership Well Underway!


Strong Fund Raising Commitment by Members

Reported at May 18, 2017 Board Meeting

Framingham, Massachusetts – May 19, 2017 – The Callahan Canine Owners Association, Inc. held its May Board meeting to advance its goal to substantially improve the enjoyment and benefits of Callahan State Park to the park users.   The goal is to formalize a Community Partnership with DCR to augment their limited resources and ability to provide essential park services.  As a result, the Board approved the preparation of an application for a Volunteer Stewardship Agreement that would establish the new role and propose specific CalDog Programs to promote park stewardship, outdoor recreation and Community events for its members.  

Presently the CalDog membership register has over 500 park users who regularly visit and enjoy the park.  With wide support of the membership, President Meghan Grabau and Treasurer Ann Miller organized a volunteer group in mid-April to initiate a fund-raising campaign with a goal of $10,000 in charitable donations. It was reported by Ann Miller that $6,600 has been raised to date, with CalDog well on its way to achieving the target of $10,000 to support the Community Partnership.  Meghan Grabau notes that “this demonstrates a strong commitment from our members to a more expanded program to support DCR.”

In this regard, Marc Spigel noted the first use of funds was for the acquisition of new Doggie Bag stations and an inventory of 12,000 bags.  Plans are underway with DCR to have these installed within the next week to 10 days, including arrangements to have them stocked and maintained.  In another member initiative, Robyn Settino reported that CalDog branded shirts, dog leases, decals, cups and other items are actively being reviewed, and shirts will be forthcoming to introduce the new CalDog Community Partnership and its brand.

Under the terms of DCR’s Volunteer Stewardship Agreement, this expanded role and function requires CalDog to be a formal non-profit corporation within the Commonwealth.    The new Board’s first order of business approved the Articles of Organization and By-Laws as a not for profit organization with the following slate of Directors. 

  • President: Doug Lawrence
  • Treasurer: Ann Miller
  • Secretary: Jen Mooney
  • Board Member: Marc Spigel
  • Board Member: Marina Andreazi

A resolution to file the incorporation applications with the Commonwealth and IRS to obtain tax exempt status as a 501 (C) 3 charitable organization was also approved.  Since the meeting, the incorporation filing for the Commonwealth was made and approved.

The Board established Membership and Program Committees as well as Work Groups for the preparation of marketing strategies, business plans and the Volunteer Stewardship Agreement application.  President Meghan Grabau appointed Tom Rock to lead the Membership Committee, Nancy O’Leary to lead the Program Committee and Robyn Settino to direct the marketing work group.  Ann Miller appointed Bob Cawly and Mark Spigel to prepare a preliminary budget and draft of the stewardship application.

Volunteers desiring to participate on the work groups should send an email to or reach out to any of the Directors.

CalDog is a Community Partnership of dog owners working closely with DCR to make the park a more enjoyable experience for all park users.  CalDog was established in 2004 with the mission to make Callahan the best multi-use park in the Massachusetts State Park System.




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