About Us

Callahan Dog Owners Group Welcomes you to Callahan State Park (CSP) – one of the few parks in Massachusetts where dogs can joyfully walk, run, play, and socialize unhindered by leashes. Help us keep Callahan a great off-leash resource. Past History In September 2004, after receiving a number of complaints, the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) considered rescinding the off-leash policy throughout Callahan State Park unless corrective action by dog owners is taken. Callahan Dog Owners Group Formed: October 2004 Cal-Dog’s main mission is make sure this “off-leash” privilege remains in effect. Through education, responsive action to the guidelines, and consideration for other users and this wonderful resource, we can achieve this goal. Callahan Dog Owners Group is the d/b/a name for Callahan Canine Owners’ Association, a not-for-profit Massachusetts organization. It is comprised of conscientious and concerned park users, mostly dog owners, who care about the day to day and long term enjoyment of the park for all users. We all serve on a voluntary basis. Callahan Dog Owners Group Promise

  • Be responsible for our dogs.
  • Be courteous to all non-dog users, horse riders, bikers, skiers & others.
  • Work with non-dog owners to ensure harmony.
  • Provide education and training to any & all dog walkers to reduce and prevent problems.
  • Provide educational information and guidelines to non-dog park users.
  • Provide referral programs to resolve problems in a timely fashion.
  • Provide signage and information materials to achieve mission and promise.

Callahan Dog Owners Group Mission Statement Our mission is to make Callahan State Park the best multi-use park in the Massachusetts State Park System. We desire to provide a safe environment for dogs to run which is essential to a dog’s health and well-being. We will strive to keep Callahan State Park free of debris including litter as well as dog leavings. We pledge to protect the rights of dog owners everywhere, including the right to walk, run, bike, ski with our dogs off leash. We will help educate all park users, dog owners, and non-dog owners alike to their responsibilities and what constitutes acceptable behavior. Contact Callahan Dog Owners Group: callahandogs@gmail.com

  • Send an email to the same address if you would like to join our mailing list.