Callahan Dog Owners Group welcomes you to Callahan State Park (CSP) – one of the few parks in Massachusetts where dogs can joyfully walk, run, play, and socialize unhindered by leashes.


Help us keep Callahan a great off-leash resource!

CalDog History

Callahan State Park was designated by DCR as the prototype “off leash” park within the Commonwealth to increase the enjoyment of the park resources by dog owners and their pets as a community. In September 2006, after receiving a number of complaints, the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) considered rescinding the off-leash policy throughout Callahan State Park unless corrective action by dog owners is taken thus Callahan Dog Owners Group Formed in October 2006. CalDog was established with the mission to make Callahan State Park a model multi-use park in with dog owners and other park users enjoying the park in harmony. CalDog’s main mission is make sure this “off-leash” privilege remains in effect. Through education, responsive action to the guidelines, and consideration for other users and this wonderful resource, we can achieve this goal.

However, in early 2017 DCR informed CalDog that they will not be able to continue the basic services of past years due to budget issues. Therefore, CalDog is now being established as a formal a membership organization and will be seeking to build a member base for financial support to continue and expand services.

Callahan Dog Owners Group Goals

  • To promote responsible dog ownership through community outreach, educational training, local events, meetings and other resources
  • To provide a vehicle for communication both within the Callahan State Park dog community, and from the Callahan state park dog community, through written, electronic and other means
  • To foster positive and healthy relationships between and among dogs, people and the community at large

Callahan Dog Owners Group Mission Statement

Our mission is to make Callahan State Park the best multi-use park in the Massachusetts State Park System.

We desire to provide a safe environment for dogs to run which is essential to a dog’s health and well-being.

We will strive to keep Callahan State Park free of debris including litter as well as dog leavings.

We pledge to protect the rights of dog owners everywhere, including the right to walk, run, bike, ski with our dogs off leash.

We will help educate all park users, dog owners, and non-dog owners alike to their responsibilities and what constitutes acceptable behavior.


For general inquiries, questions or comments, please drop us a line!