Hello All!

Happy Spring!! Looks like it has finally arrived with all this rain!

We have a few items to let you know about.

First, our annual Park Serve Day with DCR is scheduled for Saturday April 29th. Callahan is in desperate need of a clean up! Thank you to all our individual members who have taken time to do their own clean ups over the winter. We hope to see many of you out for Park Serve Day later this month.

Secondly, we are having an open meeting for all members next Tuesday April 11 at 7:30 at the McAuliffe Branch Library at 746 Water St. On the agenda that evening will be discussion of clean up days and the on/off leash signage as well as any suggestions from members about activities for the group. We are also hoping to find some motivated members to take over the social media for CalDog. We desperately need someone with some knowhow to take over and bring us into the 21st century! Please rsvp if you can make this meeting.

Lastly we have a new Facebook group that we hope will help create more community among our members. Please join here:


Hoping to see many of you at the meeting and Park Serve Day!

Stay dry out there!