Hello All!

Puppy Bit – Need Rabies Info!!
Yesterday evening Hadley, a young black lab mix, was bit by a German Shepherd named Moose near Eagle Pond. Unfortunately in the midst of the commotion, Hadley’s owners were unable to get Moose’s owners information and most importantly his rabies vaccination status. Without proof of vaccination for Moose, Hadley will need to be quarantined for 45 days. She is a new rescue and her parents were hoping to enroll her in puppy classes ASAP. If you are or know Moose’s owner, please contact us so that we may put in touch with Hadley’s owners. They are only looking for the proof of rabies vaccination so that Hadley does not need to be quarantined! Please email callahandogs@gmail.com with any helpful information! Thank you!!

Cosmo Sightings!
There has been another possible sighting of Cosmo! On Monday 6/6, a woman saw a brown dog without owner on Rocky Rd in the south part of Callahan. This is the second sighting in as many weeks within Callahan. Please be on the lookout for Cosmo. If you see him please call Mary or Rich (phone numbers on attached flyer) or email us here and we will pass along the sighting. Do not try to approach Cosmo or call out to him. He is most likely in survival mode at this point and we want to keep him in the area and not scare him off!

Otter Update
Lastly, in case you haven’t already heard, there is an aggressive otter at Eagle Pond. She (speculation is she is a mama guarding her young) has bit three dogs in the last week. Please use caution when allowing your dog to swim at Eagle Pond. There have not been any reports of the otter since last Thursday but still best to exercise caution.

Thank you!