A Callahan walker slipped and snapped an ankle bone this morning… so this here’s a quick reminder to dress appropriately if you plan to walk/hike/trek thru Callahan – with or without pooches in tow during these Winter months.


Always, always, always carry your cell phone!!! You never know if/when you’ll need to call 911!!

The winter terrain is unpredictable and can be treacherous. The ground freezes and heaves – trail shoes/boots are best. Rain and snow can quickly turn to ice.YAK TRAX are essential! Get yourself a pair of YAKTRAX for safely navigating icy trails (ice grabbers that quickly and easily slip on over boots or shoes; approx. $20.00 on-line, REi and other sources. WARNING: Do NOT use YakTrax indoors!!!!).

Dress in layers, with a (sweat) wicking layer nearest skin. Essential to protect feet/toes, fingers, head, face with appropriate protection.

Know your dog’s tolerance for cold – and even then pay attention to his/her cues. Puppies and older dogs are particularly susceptible to discomfort from cold; know that dogs too may suffer from frostbite and hypothermia. As the temperatures dip, take shorter walks.

Thursday’s temperatures are expected to hit wind chills of -20 below. Police are advising all to stay inside on Thursday.

If you have any questions or need any additional info, let us know…