Thanks again to all who participated with good thoughts, suggestions, ideas, searches, posts, phone calls, emails, etc. in the quest to return Cosmos and Sammy to their humans. Thank you Jeff Williams for getting the phone contact info into the right hands; thanks Brian for heading out very late Monday night with your pooch to search; thanks Rich Shapiro for phoning worried parents with the news that their kids were waiting for them in the familiar territory of the Millwood lot at 6:30 Tuesday morning. Cosmo and Sammy’s parents, Mary and Rich, personally want you all to know how very much they appreciate your concern and your help.

This is not the first – nor we suspect the last – time that the email contact list works when getting out the news about Lost Dogs.

We encourage all also to follow us on Facebook (Callahan Dog Owners Group) and Twitter (twitter.com/callahandogs) – where timely news may be more quickly relayed and received. You never know if/when yours will be the missing canine.

Our social media director, Meghan Grabau, will be judging a creative and great new event that will feature your photos of your four legged kids!

Cal Dog will run four Seasonal Picture contests throughout the year. The winner of each season will receive a doggy bag gift prize and will be entered into the Callahan Dogs Calendar Cover Contest for our 2016 calendar (more to follow about next year’s planned 2016 First Annual Callahan Dogs Calendar)!

The first seasonal contest is Winter!
Submit photos of your dogs on Facebook, (Callahan Dog Owners Group), Instagram (@callahandogs) or by emailing them to pics@callahandogs.com. Please submit pictures by deadline: December 31; winner will be announced the first week of January.

For the winter contest, send us pictures of your dogs dressed for the holidays, frolicking in the snow, or perhaps enjoying a nap in front of the fireplace. Show us your best winter spirit!!

Any photo submitted may be chosen to be featured on the website or in the calendar.

Looking forward to seeing all your winter fun!

There has been a complaint about off leash dogs along the Earthen Dam. This is never good news for those of us who enjoy and appreciate off-leash recreation for our pets.

Don’t know who destroyed the signs, but the Earthen Dam always has been and until further notice will be an on-leash trail. It’s a trail for elderly walkers who don’t want to be jumped on by rude dogs; for joggers to run without fear of being chased; for kids to sled when the snow falls; for dogs who like nature but don’t particularly enjoy being approached by off-leash dogs. They all are entitled their prerogatives and their piece of Callahan.

We must graciously share the bounty. We have a great privilege and many trails and meadows where our dogs may run free. Please, let’s be courteous and stick to those areas designated for off-leash recreation.

If you want to walk along the Earthen Dam with your dog, enjoy, but please leash, and – contrary to misinformation that had been circulating – an electric collar does NOT substitute for leash-control.

We are 300 members strong – and growing!

The Board is hoping to harness some of your enthusiasm for off- leash recreation and help with events planned for the coming year.

Committees are forming: Clean up Committee (in Spring and other), Special Events Committee (for instance, a couple of Food Drives; Dog Recall Training session, guided hike, other); Sign Committee (many details to arrange before we install the signs we need to eliminate confusion!!).

More info to follow at a later date, but consider joining those of us who volunteer our time to maintain the camaraderie of the Park and protect the off leash privileges our pets enjoy!