An increase in complaints from abutters has brought renewed attention to “dog issues” at Callahan.

The Callahan Dog Owners Group may be getting some inadvertent assistance enforcing rules and regulations at Callahan from the Massachusetts State Mounted Police.

Two magnificent creatures and their human handlers rode thru the park today to observe and correct transgressions (ranging from from off-leash dogs in on-leash areas – perhaps especially trails that abut private property – to aggressive dogs, to improper disposal of poop/bags, to cars illegally parked outside the parking lot on the side of Millwood Street).

The State Police may have authority to ticket and fine, and they may make unannounced, return visits.

You are encouraged – as always – to know where and when to leash – especially on trails that abut private property (if you can see a house and/or yard, you are on a trail that abuts private property! Leash! No dog may wander from the park onto private land. Ever!). If unsure of other areas or times to leash, please check our website for information or clarification:

If you’re chatting with a dog owner who doesn’t yet know about The Callahan Dog Owners Group, let him/her know where to find us online – so we may reach more dog owners and provide the information that protects off-leash recreation at Callahan . An important goal of our group is reaching all with responsible and courteous guidelines of sharing the bounty of our most precious Callahan

Sanctioned off-leash recreation is under constant scrutiny. Let’s try to keep the abutters happy so we can keep our dogs happy – with the cooperation of the Department of Recreation and Conservation, Callahan neighbors, and Massachusetts State Police.