We hope to see many of you at this year’s ANNUAL SPRING CLEAN-UP on Park Serve/Earth Day, this coming Saturday, April 26th, 9AM – Noon.

Grab a plastic glove and a trash bag on your way into Callahan, remove any and all material that does NOT belong and leave us your filled trash bags on your way out.

So that we might reach, help educate and encourage cooperation among even more dog owners (the more dog owners who do the right thing,the more dog owners will do the right thing, making for a great – conflict free? – experience for all park users!), we were hoping to have a presence at the Edmands entrance and at Eagle Pond in addition to Millwood, but we are sad to relay that of our many members (260 plus!), there have been extraordinarily few volunteers who have stepped up to offer to help distribute supplies and education materials  for even an hour or two.

  • If you have an hour or more to spare, please… please  add your name and the hour(s) of your availability to the volunteer list at this link:http://doodle.com/yz7w9icssdr736uf
  • This is an easy way to promote responsible doggers and help protect the prized off leash recreation our dogs deserve.

But… at a minimum… grab a bag and help clean-up our precious jewel, Callahan.

Our website and our educational pamphlets include our agreement to leash our dogs on all trails that abut private property.

We received a complaint this week from an abutter who writes that more and more “loose dogs are finding their way onto private property” that abuts Callahan.

There are fields and meadows and miles of trails on which dogs may enjoy off-leash recreation. If you and your dog enjoy those trails that abut homes and private property, please be courteous, and leash your dog on these trails.

In all cases, all dogs are to be within eyesight of their owners/walkers, AND under strict voice control (respond reliably to the ‘come’ command).

The rescue organization, Save A Dog, hosts the 14th Annual Dog Walk in this year’s Paws In the Park Event, Saturday May 4th,10AM – 3PM  on the grounds of the Wayside Inn.  This is a popular event for dogs, their families and other dog lovers.

For more information about activities and booths,  check it out at Save A Dog.