Hi ho and hello Cal-Doggers

We welcome our newest members, who were happy to learn of our existence and join our ranks and  participate in the much needed – and much appreciated – Winter Clean-Up.  We heard from responsible dog owners, dog lovers and  other varied-use visitors who were grateful to see so many enthusiastic volunteers working hard, digging unscooped poop from the frozen tundra.

We are proud  to have so many truly wonderful, selfless humans among our membership.  Many dedicated Cal-Doggers who were not able to participate during the scheduled hours of the Winter Clean-Up, were on the trails with  bags – and trowels! – in hand in the days and hours leading up to Poop Scoop day, making our world a cleaner place.

Many of us carry extra bags and clean up regularly.  Those who do make all dog owners look good!


Earth Day!!  APRIL  26th… 9AM – 12Noon

Mark your calendars!!

Our Annual Spring Clean-Up is scheduled for Earth Day, also the day designated by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation as Park Serve Day.  With our annual Spring cleaning, The Callahan Dog Owners Group is delighted this year to be recognized by DCR as a co-sponsor of Park Serve Day. (http://web1.env.state.ma.us/DCR/Parkserve/parks.aspx)

We hope EVERYONE who visits Callahan on Saturday April 26th will pause at the entrances at Millwood and Edmands to pick up some plastic gloves and a trash bag to fill with stuff that doesn’t belong on the trails or in the meadows, and then discard those overflowing trash bags upon exit. (If you will visit before 9AM or after 12 Noon, please bring your own bags and let the clean-up continue!)

Thanks in advance to those of you who will show up to clean up.

Thanks too to those who will volunteer an hour or two of their time to increase Callahan Dog Owner Group visibility, and round out  staffing at the entrances and the pond. We’d love to have some helping hands, distributing clean-up supplies and some Cal-Dog resources including informational pamphlets – educating  new or occasional dog loving visitors. It’s easy and fun.

We’ve set up an online poll/page for you to pledge a specific block of time (1 hour? 2 hours?) during clean-up hours between 9AM – 12PM on Saturday, April 26to help staff the event.   http://doodle.com/yz7w9icssdr736uf


If you haven’t already, you’ll be happy to see our re-designed web site:www.callahandogs.com now boasting a more attractive and seasonal countenance,  with new and newsworthy info front and center, and easily navigated links to our ever expanding presence into the useful social networking world.

Didn’t know we were on TWITTER??  Well, of course we are! Check us out, but don’t stop there:  take the next step:  FOLLOW US ON TWITTER.  If ever there was a group who could use instant notification, we are, right? Think about it…  Lost dog?  Instant notification to more than 265 dog-loving Callahan visitors. Suspicious activity? Wouldn’t you like to know or alert others if you know? Want to meet-up with other dogs and their peeps for a group walk?  Twitter it!  https://twitter.com/callahandogs  If you don’t yet have a twitter account, get one, and  FOLLOW Callahandogs!

Useful stuff is on Twitter.  Fun stuff is on INSTAGRAM! Who has the most gorgeous dog in the whole wide world?  Why you do of course!  Take a picture of that handsome face, that athletic body,  that irresistible puppy, those dogs at play… and your dog may be showcased as our Dog of the Week! If you have an instagram account, tag us and use #caldogoftheweek to be in the running for Dog of the Week.

No Instagram account? No problem: email those breathtaking photos topics@callahandogs.com.


Thanks to those of you who emailed with suggestions for manufacture of the new and unambiguous signs that will hep us to educate dog owners and walkers.

You may remember that DCR has agreed at  long last to replace the existing misguiding and inadequate signs with signs that will be informative and useful,  alerting all to the presence of off-leash dogs and educating all about Park courtesy.  Cal-Dog will fund the fabrication of signs and DCR personnel will install.

We’re awaiting details from DCR  re: authorized size, material, wording, etc.   When more is known, we will contact those of you who already have emailed, and we’ll be in touch with membership at large. This will be a substantial project that may require additional resources and/or funds, but it is an essential task; we’re  are confident that adequate and clear signs will go a long way toward diminishing conflict and educating all park visitors.