Animal Control Officers visited Callahan State Park today to spread the news that there are two labs – a chocolate lab and a yellow lab, one of whom is named Molly – who have NOT been under strict voice control and who have been terrorizing the cows at the Eastleigh Dairy Farm.The dogs have been captured on video terrorizing the cows. It is suspected that one of the owners is named Rebecca.

Police and Eastleigh caretakers have been authorized to shoot the dogs on sight.

If these are your dogs, you are urged to leash them. 

If you know the owners of these dogs, you are urged to let them know that if they love their dogs, they will leash them.

All dogs are to be within sight of their owners AT ALL TIMES.

All off-leash dogs are to be under STRICT voice control AT ALL TIMES (strict voice control means that when you command your dog to “come”, your dog returns to your side regardless of distraction).

If your dog is not yet trained to be under STRICT voice control, your dog has not yet earned the off-leash privilege.

Training your dog to obey the come command can save your dog’s life (not only at Callahan!).