In the confusion of last week, it’s possible you’ve forgotten, but …there’s time for you still to do a little Spring Cleaning at our Annual Callahan Spring Clean-Up this coming Saturday, April 27th, 9AM till 12 Noon.

Members of the Callahan Dog Owners Group will be at the Millwood entrance greeting visitors, encouraging all to add their names to the DCR list of ‘guests’  who have come to clean (we’d like Callahan to be well represented among state parks on Park Serve Day!) and then take a plastic glove and a trash bag on their way into the park to pick up, deposit in the bag and remove from the trails and meadows and woods anything that doesn’t belong (we continue to see filled poop bags left behind on the sides of trails.  What’s up with that??).

Also toss from the trails or move to the sides of trails, any branches that may poke, or limbs that may trip. Don’t try moving large limbs or trunks, but make a note of where you spy large trunks across trails so we can advise DCR personnel who may be able to clear downed trees over the Summer.

Our members also will be introducing our group to dog owners who may not be aware of The Callahan Dog Owner Group and distributing pamphlets and brochures with tips for responsible dog ownership and descriptions of off-leash privileges AND responsibilities.

Please stop to say hi, introduce yourselves and your dog, and of course,  pick up a bag to pick up some trash.  Leave your filled trash bag with us on your way out.

If you will visit the Broadmeadow or Edmands entrances, please being extra bags to use as ‘gloves’ and to fill with trash from the trails accessed from those parking areas.  Leave your filled trash bags in the barrel near the kiosk at the Edmands lot.


There is word that Enya, the small, young, lost female pit-mix was spotted this afternoon near the aquaduct where Belknap meets Pleasant (Route 30), and later near the Brophy School.  She’s left Callahan so be on the lookout for her in surrounding neighborhoods as well.  She looked frightened but seemed uninjured and no longer is dragging her lead.  She is shy so do not chase. Enya must be pretty hungry by now. She knows and responds to the words “treats” and “supper”, so if you see her, use those words and use treats to lure her to you. Have a leash ready to keep her from running away again, and  please call her mom, Holly: 508 494 1663

CAL-DOG on Facebook and Twitter

We could get the word out about lost pets more quickly if we used social media more effectively.  Callahan Dog Owners Group is on facebook and twitter.  Let’s put those sites to good use!  Check us out!


The Best Friends Treat Truck will return to Callahan on Sunday at 3PM to gift our four-pawed kids with free tennis balls and cookies!