Greetings Dog Owners/Lovers

Mark the date:  Saturday, April 20th, 9AM-12Noon

The date for our annual Spring Cleaning is approaching and if you’ve been to Callahan lately, you know that there’s evidence of mistreatment and neglect from this past Winter.  Not so discernable while snow covered the ground (and then covered the ground again!), but now that the earth has reappeared from under that blanket of white, it’s apparent that newcomers, occasional visitors and/or a few thoughtless humans have been a bit careless.

There is poop to be scooped, and even more abandoned poop bags to be properly discarded (we’re glad and grateful that so many are scooping the poop, but what is it with people leaving poop-filled bags on the trails?? On one walk alone this week, I personally retrieved 12 filled poop bags that lined the trails leading to the Edmands parking lot!!)!!  And of course there’s the occasional soda can; water bottle; dog toy stuffing; tissues/napkins; cigarette pack (!!); lost keys/gloves/hats/maps, etc. etc. etc.

CLEAN-UP –  Millwood:

If you plan to walk the trails or visit the meadows of Callahan on Saturday, April 20th anytime between 9AM -12noon, look for members of the Callahan Dog Owners Group and representatives from the Department of Conservation and Recreation at the Millwood entrance. On your way into the Park, stop by, say “hi”, sign the volunteer sheet (so Callahan will prove to have the most productive user-group in the state!), and pick up some protective and/or plastic gloves and a trash bag.  During your walk, fill that trash bag with anything that does not belong in our beautiful parcel and leave it with us to discard on your way out.

CLEAN-UP –  After 12M or From the Edmands Rd. parking lot:

If you will visit Callahan after 12PM Noon,  OR  if you plan to enter and leave via the Edmands Road parking lot, please, please, please remember to bring your own plastic (i.e. grocery or trash) bag(s), and clean up along the trails as you walk.  From the Edmands Road lot, leave your filled trash bag in the trash barrel on the Pipeline Trail side of the parking lot (near the kiosk) (If it’s after noon and you are entering/leaving via the southside Millwood Street lot, deposit your trash-filled bag in the smelly and unsightly dumpster provided by the DCR.)

Mark Your Calendar:

If you hadn’t planned to visit Callahan on Saturday, April 20th, why not plan it now??  You enjoy Callahan; please help us clean-up Callahan for Spring!  We can use as many hands as possible.


If you have an hour or so to spare, Callahan Dog Owner’s Group can really use your help!  We’re looking for a few volunteers to stand with us at the Millwood entrance to greet visitors, help distribute cleaning supplies, and hand out Cal-Dog literature to any newcomers with dogs who may not know about our group (introduce) and may not be familiar with the guidelines of off-leash privileges at Callahan (educate!). The more dog owners/walkers we can educate, the better the Callahan experience for all visitors!!

If you can volunteer, please reply to this note with the time(s) you are available on April 20th.  You will be given a lanyard and attractive white baseball cap identifying you as a member of the Callahan Dog Owners Group.  The baseball cap is our gift to you for donating your precious time to our valuable cause.

Mark your calendars!!!

See you on Saturday, April 20th, 9AM – 12PM!!!

And on every visit, remember: Take nothing but memories; leave nothing but footprints…