The park gets greener every minute…

Merci Beaucoup:

Thank you to all who showed up on a blustery Park Serve/Callahan Clean-Up Day ready, willing and able to don a plastic glove, grab a bag and fill it to the brim with more debris than we knew had been left behind on the roads leading to and trails and adjacent woods in Callahan.  Special thanks to the Sister Clarissa and others from the Center of Light in Framingham whose contingent worked enthusiastically, and to Framingham High School’s environmental group – a hard working assembly of about 6 juniors and seniors – who worked tirelessly – some in shorts! Brrr… – cleaning up areas adjacent to Millwood Street on either side of the parking lot.  High five kudos to next year’s president of the FHS Environmentalists, who stayed behind and went above and beyond helping DCR personnel prep the land for the relocated kiosk!  Thank you Andy!

We also want to thank those Cal-Dog members who volunteered to stand with us – in the wind and cold – to greet visitors, enlist clean-up assistance, distribute Cal-Dog literature and add new members to our contact list. Thank you Jen, Pat, Juli and Michelle.

*A Hole Lotta Shakin Goin’  On

Winter wreaked havoc – again – on the condition of the entrances/parking lots at both  Millwood Street and Edmands Road.  We’re happy to announce – and alert you to the presence of DCR personnel, with assistance from fabulous hard working members ofFramingham High School – that the holes in the Millwood lot will be tended and filled this coming Saturday  April 30th in the afternoon.

Mutt Mitt Mystery

The supply of Mutt Mitts is a courtesy; let’s not take advantage.  Mutt Mitts have been disappearing from the dispenser at the Millwood entrance faster than they can be replenished, and at a rate that threatens to exhaust DCR’s supply/budget as early as mid-summer!  Please try to remember to bring  your own supply of bags when you and your pooch take to the trails at Callahan.   Let’s also be on the look out for possible tampering with the dispensers.  If you should see someone grabbing what seems more than is reasonable, drop us a note ( with a description of the bag bagger and his/her dog (with no dog, they are automatically suspicious if they’re grabbing poop bags!), the day of the week and the time of day. We’ll pass this info onto appropriate authorities.

Foster/Adopt Info Session at Especially for Pets/Wayland


All Dog Rescue with be at Especially for Pets in Wayland (intersection of Routes 27 and 30) on Sunday, May 1st, 12noon  till 3PM with a couple of human volunteers and some of the dogs being fostered by this all volunteer/foster (no shelter) rescue group.  Maybe you’ve thought about fostering but, of course, you have questions.  They will answer any and all inquiries about the fostering process, and/or suggest other ways for you to help  save lives.  Of course Sunday also affords an opportunity to meet just a few of the beauties waiting for a forever home. Maybe you’ve been thinking about adopting?  Adopting a dog from a foster situation affords greater insight into how the dog behaves in a family situation and how that dog will fit into a home… like yours.

Thinking About Adopting??

… or know someone who is??  If you can’t come to the info session at Especially for Pets (or even if you can!), please, please, please check out our own Foster/Adopt a Pet page at (   Presently there are four magnificent creatures who have lost homes thru no fault of their own (i.e. divorce, death of an owner, relocation of owner), waiting to love and be loved by dog lovers just like us.


There recently was an unfortunate and unnecessary incident at the Edmands Road parking lot.

Unnecessary because a mother with her child asked a dog owner to leash his dog  when his dog (1) should have been leashed in the parking lot anyway, and (2) every dog should be leashed immediately if another park user makes the request(if you are asked to leash your dog – even if you are on what you know is an off-leash trail – please leash until you pass he or she who prefers not to meet an unleashed dog. This is  common courtesy. Tho it may be difficult to fathom, not everyone – or every other dog – wants to meet you and your unleashed companion).

It was unfortunate in that the dog was physically rebuffed and an angry confrontation ensued – in front the child – no doubt ruining an otherwise lovely day at the park for this young family (and possibly the dog!).  We know about this incident because the mother crafted a beautifully written note outlining what had occurred and politely suggesting that all could have been avoided if the man had simply leashed his dog as requested; she left the note resting on a stone for the dog owner to find and read.

We know that the perp could not have been any of our members, so we take this opportunity to remind:  if and when you spy an unsure, new or unfamiliar dog person, spread the word about our website ( , where information about park restrictions and park etiquette abounds.

Let’s shake the tree of  misinformed apples.

Keep up the good work that makes us all look good!

Now,  get out there and watch in the blink of an eye as Spring is sprung!