Spring Cleaning:

I know… I know… you can hardly wait to get into the trails and meadows with your plastic gloves and bags to do a little SPRING cleaning at Callahan.  Us too.

We’ll be at the Millwood entrance next Saturday, April 16th, 10AM – 2PM,  with brochures and smiles, along with DCR folks. There will be clean-up paraphernalia, and water bottles for hydration.

Stop by, say hi, grab a glove and a bag, and sign the Clean-Up sheet (let the big wigs at DCR headquarters see how many of us take care of our green space gem!)

And… please, please, please: if any can join us to greet visitors for any hour between 10AM – 2 PM, please volunteer to smile with us, help distribute clean-up stuff and/or brochures (educational pamphlets for the newbies and/or uninitiated that includes with park etiquette for various users, descriptions of on and of leash areas, etc.).

There are a handful of us who carry the lion’s share of the load advocating for the off leash privileges we all enjoy.  We do get weary… We would really appreciate just an hour of what we know is precious time.  We are particularly shorthanded in the AM hours.

Ticks – Tac – Toes

NOTE: If you haven’t noticed already, the ticks are out in full force  – and there are lots of ‘em.  Check your dogs – and yourselves – after a walk in the woods. If you take preventive measures (i.e. Advantix, Frontline), now’s the time to apply.

Homeward Bound?

Take a moment, will you?,  to check our website for a trio of doggies looking for a home.  If you are thinking about adopting/rescuing another four legged love – or if you know someone who is –  please take a look at Blue, Winston and Ruby, and read their ‘tails’ of woe.  Maybe yours is the ‘furever home they are destined to discover…

See you all NEXT SATURDAY, yeah???