Greetings Dog Lovers!

The squirrels have begun their mating dance; the birds are singing…hang in there, dog peeps: Spring is coming!

…And Spring Cleaning at Callahan is scheduled on April 16th:

Save the Date!!!  Saturday April 16th   Please plan to lend a hand at this year’s annual Park Serve Day/Callahan Dog Owners Group Spring Clean-up.  It’s our park:  let’s help keep it beautiful. DCR personnel and CalDog members will be at the Millwood entrance armed with plastic bags, and shovels to facilitate the clean-up, and water bottles and energy bars to fuel your efforts. Stop by, say hi, and grab a bag on your way in; pick up trash and stuff while you walk, and drop off your filled trash bag as you bid adieu.  Please, please join us.

Is Your Dog Micro-chipped??

Sure your dog is tagged, but tags can break or fall off. Microchipping is a painless and instrumental tool for re-uniting lost and frightened pets with their anxious humans. Dr. Teri Nord of Framingham Animal Hospital is donating her time to provide low cost chipping to dog owners and to help raise funds for All Dog Rescue: an all volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of abandoned, abused, neglected, forsaken Massachusetts dogs in need (more about All Dog Rescue follows).

Low Cost Microchip Clinic:

What: *Low Cost Microchip Clinic

When: Sunday, March 6th, 12-3PM

Where: Especially for Pets, Sudbury  (424 Boston Post Road; 978-443-7682)

Who: Performed by Dr. Teri Nord of Framingham Animal Hospital

Have You Ever Considered Fostering a Dog in Need?

It’s been a tough winter for all of us, including our four legged friends, and many shelters presently are full.

Rescue groups abound to provide caring and stable environments for dogs who have been discarded. The causes that land a dog in an institutional shelter are endless. Some are legitimate and sad (i.e. aging humans transition to assisting living, or die; some folks can’t afford to care for their dog any longer. In so many cases, their dog is injured or ill, and they don’t have the funds to nurse him/her back to health); some are thoughtless (their puppy “got too big”, or  their pet “got too old”. Did you know that more than one third of all dogs in shelters have been abandoned simply because their ‘families’ thought the dogs were too old?). Often, humans failed to kindly and conscientiously train their pet, or didn’t provide enough opportunity for adequate exercise, and then they abandon these innocent beauties because of behavioral issues (we all know that a Callahan dog – well-exercised dog –  is a well-behaved dog!). This can be especially true for dogs who suffer from breed profiling – those dogs who have earned bad reputations not because of any true inherent handicap, but rather at the hands and whims of owners – or backyard breeders –  who have failed them.

Shelters often rely on rescue groups and rescue groups rely on the rest of us.

Many rescue groups are breed specific (i.e. Greyhounds, German Shepherds, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, etc.), but virtually all rescue groups depend on a network of loving homes to provide temporary, transitional  placement until a forever family comes to claim the newest love of their lives.  Most of these dogs are housebroken adults who need little more than a daily walk at Callahan, and the occasional rub behind the ear.   In most cases, rescue will cover all costs associated with the dog’s stay in your loving care – including vet care, food, treats, toys, etc. Locally, Dr. Nord at Framingham Animal Hospital is in the network of veterinarians who offer reduced rates to the non-breed specific All Dog Rescue (and again, those reduced rates are borne by All Dog Rescue).

All Dog Rescue ( – the organization sponsoring the low cost microchip clinic at Especially for Pets/Sudbury – has an urgent need for foster families.  Consider if you are able to bring a forsaken and forlorn babe into the bosom of your fold until his/her forever family finds him. Think about it…

Or check out their website and consider if you are able to help in another way.

And if he/she is not already,  have your own dog-child microchipped this Sunday.

Support Off-Leash Recreational Areas…

Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 2nd at 6:30PM at the McGlynn Middle School in Medford, the DCR will host the fourth in their Research Management Plan Workshop series at The Fells.  This one focuses on recreation. A Panel representing some major user groups – including Michelle Biscoe, Off-Leash Advocate who supported Cal-Dog in 2006 at the Public Forum in Framingham when our off-leash privileges were at risk – will offer brief presentations, followed by break-out group discussions.  It would be so helpful to have the presence and participation of people who are experienced with and sympathetic to off-leash recreation. Cal-Dog president, Kate Grater plans to attend.  Can you join her?

The meeting is from 6:30 to 8:30 at at the McGlynn School Cafeteria, 3002 Mystic Valley Parkway, Medford.  If you plan to go, please note:  The school address is not plotted accurately on google maps or GPS.  Directions are available on the school website ( If you know where the Meadow Glen Mall is, you want to get off Rte. 16 as if you were going to the mall on Locust Street, and take an immediate left in front of (what used to be?) the Lincoln-Mercury dealership.  Take a forced right and proceed to a forced left. Then take 3rd left.

Stay warm; take care, and keep up the excellent work of cleaning up after your lucky and lovely canine, and educating the newbies to do the same!