As we turn a seasonal corner, let’s try to remember that (1) only predictably behaved dogs who are IN VIEW and under STRICT voice control deserve the privilege of off-leash romping (if you need ‘em, check or inquire on our website for training recommendations); (2) even the best behaved dogs are to be on leash in designated areas (posted signs can be misleading. Check the maps on the kiosks or our wonderful website for clarification, but definitely in all parking lots, on trails that enter and exit the park, and all trails that abut private property; (3) pick up after your pooch and dispose of the all debris – including filled poop bags –  in trash containers located in all parking lots and seasonally at Eagle Pond (sadly, many discarded bags are dotting – and marring – the Callahan landscape!).

We are our own best examples, advocates and police squad!  If you see someone ignorant of or ignoring the parameters of our restored privileges, share your information. It is in the best interests of all Park users.  Let’s not invite the kinds or numbers of complaints that warrant a call by DCR for a state Park ranger to fine any of us… or worse!

Dog Poop Scoop:

Sunday, 9/5 and Friday, 9/10 DCR personnel will be present at the Millwood entrance, hosting what they’re calling P.U.P.P.Y. Days – Pick Up Poochie Poop Yourself.  Today’s P.U.P.P.Y. day was  rescheduled until next week.  Dates for ridding the park of offending piles that DCR identifies as “overwhelming dog waste contamination” are this Sunday, September 5th and next Friday, September 10th, 11AM until 3PM.  Notices are posted at various locations around the Park.  DCR personnel will be at the Millwood entrance with mutt mitts, gloves, water and snacks, and they will be thrilled to see the responsible among us tending to the mistakes made by the unenlightened.

Hospice for Orphaned Dog?

A sad tale has come to us of a charming  yellow lab (is there any other kind?)… a senior who recently was adopted from Buddy Dog, only to be returned when Jake was diagnosed with cancer.  He is still happy and lively, but would be happier in a loving hospice home in which to spend his final days. If you have the time and heart (and maybe the experience and financial wherewithal?) to give the gift of final days in the bosom of love and family, contact us at callahandogs@gmail. com or inquire at Buddy Dog.


Callahan  bid adieu to a few friendly faces this summer.  Look to the Rainbow Bridge to see Clementine, Autumn, and Maestro.  We miss you already…