Wielcomen Beinvenu Welcome

A warm yet hardy welcome to the newest members of the Callahan Dog Owners Group who joined our midst and our contact list during Cal-Dog’s Spring Clean-Up on April 24th. A special nod of appreciation to the newbies for writing your contact information so legibly!

Spring Cleaning

Speaking of thanks…thanks to all who entered Callahan on that sunny Saturday to participate in Spring Clean-Up/Park Serve Day. It was great to see so many turn out, happily grab a trash bag and help clear away the debris of Winter. A very special thank you to Happy Tails 2 U Pet Care who again had an entire crew clearing and cleaning up the heavily trafficked meadows in the earthen dam and Eagle Pond areas.

We were joined by Paula and Alan from the local contingent of the Department of Conservation and Recreation, which provided the trash bags and plastic gloves, and snacks and water bottles for the volunteers. Alan is the guy who does the heavy lifting all year round: clearing paths of limbs and fallen trees, trimming brush to widen trails, filling dips to level parking lots, emptying trash barrels, and generally doing an impressive job maintaining our beloved 800-plus acres.

We’re happy to report that there is money in the DCR budget to have Daniella again join Alan this summer; she, whose creative and thoughtful accomplishments include the posting of maps throughout the park and the beautification of the parking lot on Edmands Road, among other projects.

Let’s continue to do our best to maintain the park. Remember to clean up after your dog and dump all trash in a trash barrel on your way out (barrels are located in all parking lots and – for spring/summer/fall only – at Eagle Pond.

Bug Off

Lastly…we’re sure you’ve noticed  as we have, that the bugs are enjoying a population explosion this Spring (ugh!) so just a reminder to take preventive measures (i.e. Advantix, Frontline) if that’s your habit, and always check your dog for ticks after a Callahan romp. You might want to have some bug spray in your car for a quick personal spritz before you head out to the trails (or try tucking a couple of clothes dryer sheets under your cap! Mosquitoes seem to hate these!). In a pinch, I’ve found that a pine branch makes an acceptable swatter!

Happy trails…happy tails….