Cal-Dog is looking to expand Board membership. It’s time. The present board has been on the job for nearly four years: instrumental in negotiating the off-leash privileges that we all enjoy, as well as having done an admirable job welcoming new members and educating new users, and a pretty good job maintaining positive relations with DCR reps; DCR acknowledges and appreciates the active presence of the Callahan Dog Owners Group. Virtually all of the hard work has been done. At this point, the demands are few, but as with most things in life, we could use some more helping hands – and who couldn’t use an infusion of new energy and fresh ideas?! We must keep up the good work of expanding membership and educating new puppy families. We meet but once or twice per year in person, and most issues are managed via email. Please consider becoming a board member. Let us know of your willingness to relieve retired and retiring members by sending an email to Do it for your dog!