I am sorry to relay that Callahan Park Supervisor Murphy has received a written complaint of an alleged dog “attack” along the earthen dam at the Millwood entrance. I await further details. In any case, please be reminded that the trail along the dam is primarily for canine-less pedestrians and is an ON-LEASH trail. If you see any user(s) other than you and your dog anywhere along the aqueduct/earthen dam, leash your dog immediately (if you have not already done s0). If you see anyone with an unleashed dog along that trail, kindly and gently let them know that the earthen dam is an on-leash trail (education is a good thing; we don’t enforce, we educate only). Also, please remember that all off-leash dogs must be under strict and dependable voice control (not occasional). Off-leash is a privilege we must protect for all our four-legged kids.